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Millions of women are bothered by the appearance of swollen blood vessels on the hands or legs. These veins are often red or purple in color and can begin to bulge if blood is not able to flow through them easily. Both varicose veins and spider veins are formed in this fashion, although varicose veins are often larger and more painful than spider veins.

Spider vein removal and varicose vein removal can be achieved through the procedure known as sclerotherapy. To complete this treatment, a sclerosing solution is injected into the targeted veins using a micro-needle. The injections cause the targeted veins to harden and the blood flow to shift to nearby healthy veins. As a result, varicose and spider veins begin to fade, improving circulation. Occasionally sclerotherapy may be performed in conjunction with laser vein removal. To learn more about spider and varicose vein removal, please schedule a sclerotherapy consultation at our practice.

Sclerotherapy Benefits

Sclerotherapy can remove the embarrassment and discomfort caused by spider and varicose veins and can restore a smooth and youthful appearance to the hands or legs. Each session can be completed in approximately 15 minutes, and many veins can be treated during a single session. Treatment is painless and patients can resume their normal activities almost immediately after spider or varicose vein removal.

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