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With new laser technology, hair removal is more comfortable and painless than ever before. Patients can have unwanted hair removed wherever it is located on the body - including areas such as the back, chest, legs, or face. Bodian Dermatology & Medical Day Spa offers laser hair removal at our practice serving Long Island, Manhattan, and Queens along with many other cosmetic treatments designed to help patients look and feel their best.

Laser Hair Removal Candidates

Laser hair removal is a popular treatment among both men and women. Women are often interested in the procedure to remove hair from the face, legs, and bikini area. Men are typically interested in the procedure to remove hair from the back, chest, or legs. Individuals who achieve the best results with laser hair removal generally have darker, thicker, and coarser hair and a lighter skin tone. We invite you to contact our practice and schedule a laser hair removal consultation to determine the course of treatment that is best for your individual needs.

Laser Hair Removal Treatment

Laser hair removal typically takes several sessions to complete, depending on the areas of the body being treated. Because hair grows in cycles, laser hair removal is performed during the growth stage when the procedure is most effective. This means that laser hair removal sessions are performed about four weeks apart in order to achieve the best possible results.

During the laser hair removal procedure, patients generally experience little to no discomfort. Patients can also resume their normal activities immediately after treatment without requiring any downtime. The results with laser hair removal are considered to be permanent, although some patients may require occasional touch-up sessions. Patients interested in laser hair removal may also be interested in some of our other laser treatments, including laser tattoo removal and laser scar removal. These treatments can be performed during the same session.

Schedule a Laser Hair Removal Appointment at Our Practice Serving Long Island, Queens, and Manhattan

For more information about laser hair removal, please contact our practice serving Manhattan, Queens, and Long Island to schedule a consultation. Bodian Dermatology & Medical Day Spa is located in Great Neck, New York, near Forrest Hills.

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